Low Cost Movers

Your Trusted Residential Moving Specialists

Just one call to Low Cost Movers, INC, and all your residential moving needs will be taken care of. No surprises, hidden charges, or overpriced moves, and no need for expensive rental trucks or other extras. Our friendly staff is here to handle your moving needs and let you relax. Whether you are moving to or from an apartment, condo, loft, townhouse, or single-family home, Low Cost Movers, INC has the experience and know-how to get your move done quickly and professionally.

Low Cost Movers, INC is fully licensed by the Illinois Commerce Commission, and we carry $1,000,000.00 dollars of liability insurance as well as cargo and workers compensation coverage. We are a locally owned and operated mover and are strong supporters of our local community. Our team works with all major apartment search firms and finders as well as real estate brokers, home stagers, developers of new homes and townhouses and self-storage companies.

The Low Cost Movers, INC Difference

We have the most courteous and conscientious professional movers who have many years of experience in the industry. Also, we can have experienced crew members who can load and unload your POD's and rental trucks or perform in-home moves.

Our team works with all of the major Chicago area storage facilities and have our license and insurance on file with most of them. This way, we can move you in or out of storage in a flash.

Timely and Efficient Services at Competitive Rates

Do you feel the need to rearrange your furniture or is your home undergoing renovation? Low Cost Movers, INC can provide you with a crew of professional uniformed movers for your in-home move. They arrive with all of the equipment, tools, and know-how to get it done for you fast and within your budget.

Whatever type of move you are making, you can trust Low Cost Movers, INC to professionally plan and handle your move. Call us today to request a free estimate.

Reserved Parking

Picture these two different scenarios. First, your moving truck arrives only to find no parking space big enough for the truck and must double park in the middle of the street or in an alley behind your building. Second, your moving truck arrives and slides right into a reserved parking space directly in front of your residence.

If you have a reserved parking space directly in front of your residence, your move is more efficient, takes less time and costs you less. The secret is to have Low Cost Movers, INC take care of the paperwork, payment of the permit fees, and completion of Chicago insurance requirements. A reserved parking area for our truck(s) must be obtained through the City of Chicago in advance of your scheduled move.

The permit must be ordered through our office at least 85 business hours before the move. The City of Chicago will then place ‘no parking’ signs at the address of the permit.

Your cost for a reserved parking permit is $75 per day for the first truck, plus an additional $25 per day for a second truck. These costs are never refundable. In addition to the permit cost, the City of Chicago may seek to collect lost revenue when the permitted area is within a paybox (meter) area. The exact charges will vary. In the ‘business district’, the cost can be as much as an additional $150 per day. Alternatively, you and a friend can park two cars in legal spaces on the street in order to "save" a large parking spot for the truck and then move your cars when the truck arrives.

You can also apply for a reserved parking permit yourself. Simply search who the alderman is in our area in the Ward/Zone Lookup. You can apply for a parking permit through them, usually at no charge.