When it comes to saving money on moving, size does matter. The size of the truck that is. You see, many small scale movers will have only one or two trucks, usually of a similar size. They do so because its cheaper to operate several small trucks of similar size than it is to have a variety of vehicles to chose from.

But it is the customer who often gets short changed when the mover shows up with too small of a truck to do the job properly. When that happens, the mover will need to make multiple trips in order to get everything moved. Those multiple trips can be time consuming and expensive. Depending on the number of trips that need to be made, you the customer could find yourself paying as much as double.

To avoid getting burned by a mover without an adequate fleet, insist upon the right size truck for your move. As a rule of thumb, you will find the following truck sizes suitable:

Studio to One Bedroom = 16 foot truck

Two Bedroom Apt = 20 foot truck

Three Bedroom Apt = 22 foot truck

Three Bedroom Home = 24 foot truck

Four Bedroom Home = 26 foot truck

Your mover can get any size truck necessary to handle your move properly, even if he has to rent or lease it. It just costs money to get the right truck if he doesn’t have it. Either the mover pays more for the right truck or you the customer pay more because of the wrong size truck. Alternatively, you should get your mover to agree that if his truck is not large enough to handle the move in one trip, that the mover will eat the cost of the labor and fuel involved in driving back and forth with a too small truck.

There are many ways to reduce the cost of your move. This is just one of the many tips and tricks we post on our website. Come visit us on the web at www.LowCostMovers.Net and learn what you need to know to be a truly Low Cost Mover.

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Experts consider moving to be one of the major stresses in life. Leaving behind friends, familiar places, and activities creates anxiety for everyone involved. And it’s hard work to pack and prepare for a move and then settle into a new home.

The reasons behind a move can sometimes be upsetting, and that can add to the stress. You may be forced to take a job in a new town because of company layoffs or staff reorganizations. Sometimes a death or divorce in the family can lead to a move, or your family may have to move to take care of a sick family member, such as a grandparent.

During the busy, stressful time of planning, preparing, and packing for a move, you may be too preoccupied to realize how the change is affecting you. They may not even realize you are unhappy if you don’t discuss it with someone. Be open with yourself and try to talk  about the move and how it is affecting you. Others in your immediate family may have the same concerns or fears.

A move can lead some people to become depressed. If you find that you can’t shake feelings of sadness or anxiety, talk to someone. Not dealing with feelings now may lead to problems later.

It can help to remember that the problems involved in moving are always temporary. People usually feel better once they’ve had time to settle in.

Making the Best of It

Although there is no way to eliminate the anxiety of moving, there are many ways to make the move easier. Before you even begin packing, you can start to get to know your new home. The Internet and library may contain lots of good information about your new community. Make a list of your interests and hobbies, and then find the locations and phone numbers of places where those activities take place. When you’re visiting your new school, find out if there are deadlines for activities you’re interested in and see if you can still join.

A new place seems more familiar, and it’s easier to make friends, when you can participate in a common interest with people who do the things you enjoy.

Look for opportunities to try new activities as well. If you have a job, ask your current boss to write a reference letter for you. If you work for a food chain or a chain of stores, you might be able to arrange a transfer and have a job waiting for you.

See if you can get a city map and highlight where you will be living, where the new schools are, and the location of places of worship, movie theaters, parks, and other places you like to go. Ask if your realtor can videotape your new house if you haven’t been able to see it yet (most realtors post indoor and outdoor pictures of properties online).

It can help to learn about what makes your new city or town unique. Share the information with your friends and make them feel part of your moving experience. Soon you will feel like you already know your new community.

Packing It Up

You can pick up a copy of the United States Postal Service Mover’s Guide in any post office or online; it will give you some tips. The guide includes change of address forms, a checklist of things to do, and suggestions for a survival kit that will contain items you may need to have at hand and might otherwise be packed out of reach during the move.

You can help — and feel more in control — by making a list of things that need to be done before the move. For example, organize a yard sale to sell the stuff you don’t want to take with you. You may find that friends and neighbors are interested in participating in a yard sale, too.

As soon as you know you are moving, start preparing by:

sorting out clothes and giving away items that you aren’t going to take
packing away items you are going to take, but won’t need until after you’ve moved
spreading out the chores you have to do so you won’t be overwhelmed during the last few days,  cleaning up your house or aprtment or any other areas you are responsible for to make packing easier,  labeling your boxes so you can easily identify where things are when you get to your new home.

Keeping in Touch

One of the fears of moving is losing old friends. Remember your friends when you get to your new destination by putting pictures up around your new room. Print out copies of pictures for your friends to keep, too.

Saying goodbye is never easy, but it doesn’t mean it’s forever. Luckily, today it’s easier than ever to stay in touch with social networking sites and IM. Share pictures and videos. Let your friends and family know about the differences, both good and bad, between your old home and your new place. You might be able to plan summer visits to see old friends or for a friend to visit you.

Moving is hard, but you may discover that it has taught you some valuable skills: how to make new friends, be flexible, and find your way around strange places. Although learning these lessons can feel tough at the time, once you’ve settled in, you may find you like the new place better. And be sure to say “hi” to the next new neighbor — you can relate.

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All movers in Illinois are required to offer basic liability coverage of $0.30 per pound per article. This is included in your base move price and does not cost you any extra money. As such, it is the most economical option available.

If you want greater protection, movers are permitted to offer additional liability insurance coverage issued by third party insurance companies. This type of insurance provides coverage for household as well as office goods while in transit or in a storage facility. Although movers are not permitted to issue this additional coverage themselves or profit from it, many of them do make it available to their customers and do all of the leg work to arrange for it.

This additional liability insurance coverage usually costs $0.60 per $100 in value, and you must insure the entire load. It takes a few days to get the coverage bound and a policy issued by the insurance company, so be sure to place your order for this coverage at the time you book your move. You may also order this coverage yourself through the several specialty insurance companies which sell this coverage. If you purchase additional liability coverage you will deal directly with the insurance company in the event of a claim.

In addition, some homeowner and renters insurance policies cover household goods in transit. So check your policy before purchasing additional liability coverage

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Moving is never an easy experience for any of us. Let’s face it- most of us have to watch our budget carefully when planning a move. But cheap moving doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to sacrifice quality. The key to planning a successful move while saving money is to plan your move in advance.

Decide up-front what your budget will be and make every effort to stick to that budget.  Create a “moving file” and keep records of all your expenses and receipts. Many moving expenses are tax deductible, so keep good records and check with your accountant to see what can be deducted.

The first big decision you will need to make when moving on a budget is to decide whether you will hire a moving company, rent a moving truck, or hire a self service moving company. If you don’t want to drive a rental truck, self service moving companies or containerized moving companies offer a cost-effective alternative to higher-priced movers. Regardless of how you plan to move, be sure to request multiple quotes. Be suspicious of low-ball estimates and be sure to ask for their license number and a copy of  the movers  insurance certificate.

The next step for a cheap moving experience is to begin packing well in advance. With the exception of large or expensive items that will need special attention from professionals, try to do as much packing on your own as possible. Begin collecting moving supplies and be on the lookout for discounts. If you have a friend or colleague who recently moved, see if they would give or sell you their boxes and leftover supplies.  Instead of buying bubble wrap, use crumpled newspaper or use your own rugs, blankets, or other linens to pad your breakables.

As your moving day approaches, a great way to make some extra cash is by holding a garage sale. If you plan well and advertise locally, you could make a nice profit which you can use towards paying for the move. A garage sale will help you get rid of unwanted items at a profit while at the same time reducing the number of items you will need to move to your new destination. Take an assessment of your belongings and decide if it’s worth the cost of moving them. Donating items to charity is another great way to lighten the load while helping others in need.  With careful planning and a little creativity, you can save money on your move.

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Strategies To Find Low Cost Movers In Chicago

Low Cost Movers is a locally owned and operated Chicago moving company and is the low cost leader in Chicago moving with rates starting at the unbelievably low price of $65.00 per hour for a 2 man crew and a truck.  We are frequently asked how we are able to provide the high end service we do at these low prices and how other customers can find similarly low prices.  To us, the answer is simple.

Moving is basically a commodity. Take another commodity like bananas for example.  You don’t really know or care where they came from do you?  If they are fresh, all you care about is price. It is much the same with moving.  What we do is not rocket science. We carry big and heavy stuff up and down stairs.  That’s it.  Nothing more.

It use to be that the movers who charged the most were able to hide behind big “double truck” (2 page) phone book ads to pitch their services.  The cheaper little guys were overpowered by the expensive ads of the overpriced movers.

However,  ever since the Internet was invented in 1992, the general public has been able to locate large numbers of Chicago low cost movers and very effectively and conveniently shop for price.   The result has been that the playing field was leveled and the overpriced “big boys” are now a relic in the Moving Museum Hall of Fame as the general public has found it easier to comparison shop between licensed movers.

The real truth is that as long as a mover is licensed, they are all pretty much the same.  That’s because licensed movers today are hyper regulated by the Illinois Commerce Commission and are required to have training programs, run background and drug tests and carry insurance for workers compensation, public liability, property damage and damage to your stuff while in transit.  Thus, if you hire only a licensed Chicago mover, you can rest assured that he has everything you would want in a mover, except maybe a personality. The only thing left to shop for is price.

So, stay away from unlicensed movers and stay away from “moving brokers” who have no idea who they are sending into your home.   Then look for the lowest hourly rate and travel fee combination.  The result will please your wallet.


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Tax Deductibility of Moving Expenses

Did you know that your personal moving expenses can be a deductible expense on your tax return? Stuff like packing materials and the amount you paid your mover are both included.  Well, they can be under certain circumstances.  Generally speaking, if you had to move at least 50 miles for a new job, you can deduct all of the expenses associated with your relocation.  Job seeking expenses are also deductible. Use IRS Publication 521 to see if you qualify.

For other helpful tips on saving money on your next move, visit Low Cost Movers on the web at www.LowCostMovers.Net

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Not all Chicago movers support emergency moving services. Low Cost Movers in Chicago has created an emergency moving division to handle last minute, no notice moving. Whether its an ugly divorce, a fire, a flood, a relationship breakup or a foreclosure eviction, Low Cost Movers can mobilize a crew and a vehicle to help you get it done with little or no notice.

Best of all, for a limited time only, Low Cost Movers will perform those pesky last minute moves at no extra charge. That’s right, middle of the night moves at the same ultra low price as their daytime moves.

Pretty unbelievable stuff.

Give us a call at (888) 856-9267 or contact us through our website at

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