Should Your Mover Be Background Checked ?

Without a criminal background check, the mover who you let into your home could be a convicted criminal. He could be a convicted sex offender or murderer.

Without a background check, you could be inviting a dangerous person into your home, where he could become familiar with you, your significant other, the number and type of locks on your doors, how your windows lock and how your security system operates. He will have looked over your personal belongings and picked out the stuff he is coming back for, at which time he will know your name, telephone number, address and what you look like. He may also have your work telephone number where he can likely determine where you work and your work schedule.

Many movers hire itinerant workers whom they know next to nothing about. Some hire day laborers and pay them cash at the end of each day. They know absolutely nothing about their “employee”, possibly not even his real name. The problem is serious and widespread. And if your home gets burglerized a month after you move in, how will you ever connect it to your movers? And even if you did connect the dots, how would you ever identify the movers “employee”?

So how do protect yourself from all this danger? One way is to use only licensed movers who routinely background check every single employee. As the customer, you have every right to ask your mover to certify that each of his employees are known to him and that he has ordered and received a professional criminal background check on each one.

Your mover should have a policy of obtaining professional background checks of every single one of its employees and requiring government issued identification to identify any applicants with criminal backgrounds. Your mover should refuse to hire anyone with a violent criminal background. Ask. If you are not satisfied with the answer you get, move on. Find another mover. By doing so you will stack the deck in your favor for your personal safety and that your valuables will stay where they belong.

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