Wardrobe Boxes – The Best Value In Moving

Movers carry, sell and rent, many different types of containers and boxes. Each container and box is designed for a specific application. Today we will talk about wardrobe boxes.

Wardrobe boxes are typically about 4 feet tall and come in both 18″ and 24″ square formats with a steel bar across the top from which to hang clothes on hangers.

Although there are many uses for wardrobe boxes, the most common purpose is to hold the hanging clothes in a closet. Each 24″ wardrobe box holds the equivelent of about 2 feet of hanging clothes in a closet, plus the shoes typically on the floor of the closet.

Without a wardrobe box, the moving customer must go to the store and buy cardboard boxes, then remove and fold each hanging item, and then pack each item in a box. The process is reversed at the new location with the customer unpacking everything and re-hanging it on the closet rod at the new location

Now contrast that scenario to one in which the mover supplies the customer with wardrobe boxes. The customer sits back and relaxes knowing that they need not pack anything in their closet. Instead, the mover opens the closet door, scoops up 2 feet of hanging clothes and drops them into the wardrobe box, hanging each item on the steel bar at the top of the box. The mover next scoops up the customers shoes and places them in the bottom of the wardrobe box.

At the new location, the mover simply removes the hanging clothes and re-hangs them on the closet rod. Last, the mover turns the wardrobe box over, spilling the customers shoes onto the floor of the new closet.

No muss, no fuss, and no packing or unpacking by the customer.

We have also seen customers use wardrobe boxes to hang drapes and other delicate items they do not want to see get wrinkled.

It is such a no brainer and time saver that at Low Cost Movers, we give each customer 2 wardrobe box rentals free of charge.

Accordingly, of all the various containers and boxes supplied by your mover, the wardrobe box is absolutely the best value to the customer because it is so inexpensive and efficient.

So don’t forget to ask your mover to bring lots of wardrobe boxes on moving day. You’ll be glad you did.

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