Before your things are packed and loaded, please take some time to look over the items that your mover cannot put on his truck or in a container for legal, regulatory or safety reasons.

Explosive and Flammable Items

Movers cannot ship any type of explosive or flammable materials. The road can be bumpy, there may be an accident or the heat in the truck may cause the items to explode or catch on fire, injuring the driver and damaging the other items in the truck. The following items cannot lawfully be taken by your household goods mover:

Lamp oils
Aerosol cans
Charcoal/lighter fluid
Cleaning solvents
Loaded guns
Sterno fuel
Darkroom chemicals
Gas cans
Nail polish
Paint thinners

Poisonous or Hazardous Liquids

Poisonous or hazardous liquids that might leak cannot be moved by a household goods mover. If the liquid leaks, it can cause injury to the mover through skin contact or by breathing in the fumes. These items should be properly discarded prior to the move and new items purchased once you are at the new residence. You can also properly package and ship the items via a service trained in dealing with hazardous chemicals. The following items cannot lawfully be taken by your household goods mover:

Automobile wet cell batteries
Chemistry sets
Liquid bleach
Pool chemicals
Weed killer

Items Under Pressure

Items that are under pressure like fire extinguishers and scuba tanks cannot be moved by household goods movers despite the fact that the extinguishers are not a fire hazard. If the items are punctured during transit, it can cause a pressure explosion that can injure the driver or cause damage to the truck and the other shipped items.

The Occupational Health and Safety Act (otherwise known as “OSHA”) protects the safety of workers and prohibits employers from exposing their workers to ultra hazardous or ultra dangerous working conditions. In addition, the Illinois Commerce Commission has regulations which forbid household goods movers from carrying many of the items on this list. While this list is not all inclusive, it does give homeowners guidance on the type of items that movers will refuse to load onto their truck for legal and safety reasons. For more information we recommend that you visit OSHA at http://OSHA.Gov and the Illinois Commerce Commission at http://www.icc.illinois.gov

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