When it comes to saving money on moving, size does matter. The size of the truck that is. You see, many small scale movers will have only one or two trucks, usually of a similar size. They do so because its cheaper to operate several small trucks of similar size than it is to have a variety of vehicles to chose from.

But it is the customer who often gets short changed when the mover shows up with too small of a truck to do the job properly. When that happens, the mover will need to make multiple trips in order to get everything moved. Those multiple trips can be time consuming and expensive. Depending on the number of trips that need to be made, you the customer could find yourself paying as much as double.

To avoid getting burned by a mover without an adequate fleet, insist upon the right size truck for your move. As a rule of thumb, you will find the following truck sizes suitable:

Studio to One Bedroom = 16 foot truck

Two Bedroom Apt = 20 foot truck

Three Bedroom Apt = 22 foot truck

Three Bedroom Home = 24 foot truck

Four Bedroom Home = 26 foot truck

Your mover can get any size truck necessary to handle your move properly, even if he has to rent or lease it. It just costs money to get the right truck if he doesn’t have it. Either the mover pays more for the right truck or you the customer pay more because of the wrong size truck. Alternatively, you should get your mover to agree that if his truck is not large enough to handle the move in one trip, that the mover will eat the cost of the labor and fuel involved in driving back and forth with a too small truck.

There are many ways to reduce the cost of your move. This is just one of the many tips and tricks we post on our website. Come visit us on the web at www.LowCostMovers.Net and learn what you need to know to be a truly Low Cost Mover.

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