Strategies To Find Low Cost Movers In Chicago

Low Cost Movers is a locally owned and operated Chicago moving company and is the low cost leader in Chicago moving with rates starting at the unbelievably low price of $65.00 per hour for a 2 man crew and a truck.  We are frequently asked how we are able to provide the high end service we do at these low prices and how other customers can find similarly low prices.  To us, the answer is simple.

Moving is basically a commodity. Take another commodity like bananas for example.  You don’t really know or care where they came from do you?  If they are fresh, all you care about is price. It is much the same with moving.  What we do is not rocket science. We carry big and heavy stuff up and down stairs.  That’s it.  Nothing more.

It use to be that the movers who charged the most were able to hide behind big “double truck” (2 page) phone book ads to pitch their services.  The cheaper little guys were overpowered by the expensive ads of the overpriced movers.

However,  ever since the Internet was invented in 1992, the general public has been able to locate large numbers of Chicago low cost movers and very effectively and conveniently shop for price.   The result has been that the playing field was leveled and the overpriced “big boys” are now a relic in the Moving Museum Hall of Fame as the general public has found it easier to comparison shop between licensed movers.

The real truth is that as long as a mover is licensed, they are all pretty much the same.  That’s because licensed movers today are hyper regulated by the Illinois Commerce Commission and are required to have training programs, run background and drug tests and carry insurance for workers compensation, public liability, property damage and damage to your stuff while in transit.  Thus, if you hire only a licensed Chicago mover, you can rest assured that he has everything you would want in a mover, except maybe a personality. The only thing left to shop for is price.

So, stay away from unlicensed movers and stay away from “moving brokers” who have no idea who they are sending into your home.   Then look for the lowest hourly rate and travel fee combination.  The result will please your wallet.


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